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Re: What's on brokered-time stations and when

Maybe a business-minded web guru might be interested in the wonderful world
known as trade in order to offer these services...very good idea Dan.

Marc Lemay

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From: "Dan Strassberg" <Dan.Strassberg@att.net>


> Perhaps, though, there is a business opportunity for a concern that would
> specialize in creating and maintaining Web sites for multiple
> ethnic stations, selling ads on those sites, and working with the
> independent program producers to teach them techniques for selling even
> Web ads. Selling such services to a group (station management and
> program producers) that can only be characterized as tight-fisted,
> short-sighted, and has a reputation for slow (or no) payments sounds like
> quite a challenge, however. Sounds like it would take more than en
> entrepreneur; it would take someone on a mission.