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Re: Boston radio's pizza connection

Dan and group -

My position in this war of words will end here:

> I should know who said "the price of freedom is eternal vigilence, but I
> don't. Well, in this case, the price is receiving mail on topics that
> interest you. I feel a little sorry for you because you aren't interested,
> but I suggest that you learn to live with your boredom. Alas, the topic
> run its course and you'll get your wish. A lot of people will heave a sigh
> of relief, and that, too, will probably be unfortunate.

Please don't feel sorry for me - it's really not needed.  I AM interested in
free speach (being a former radio News Director and now working in the print
media), womens rights in general (being both a father and a husband), and
yes even interested in my own boredom (which, by the way, is very limited).
Certain topics just don't belong in this setting.

Marc Lemay