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Re: A Star is Born?

On Sat, 3 Mar 2001 22:54:56 -0500 "Dan Strassberg"
<Dan.Strassberg@att.net> writes:
> Heck, why not 
> WJIB for
> the nighttime rebroadcast? There's more intelligence in 30 seconds 
> of Lydon
> than in a whole week of WRKO (or in 10 years of Howie). I think Bob 
> Bittner
> ought to pick up Provizer's lead and put out his own press release 
> offering
> to air Lydon's program commercial-free nightly from 8:00 to 10:00 PM 
> for,
> say, a 2% interest in Lydon's company. 

Great idea!  but why would it have to be commerical free?  Isn't Lydon's
new company a for-profit?  If he sticks to the NPR format there are two
breaks an hour during the body of the show (20:30 to 22  and 40:30 to
42:30 as well as the top of the hour 57:50 to 00:00)
If he goes with the PRI breaks it would be limited to one during each
hour at 33:00 to 35:00 and again at the top of the hour from 58:30 to

Granted, these aren't the kinds of avails that would make Mel's heart
race but given a station with a decent signal over Boston at night.....

Great AB press release ;-)

> >
> >
> >Members of Allston-Brighton Free Radio are inviting Christopher 
> Lydon to
> >apply for a time slot on that radio station, the successor to Radio 
> Free
> >Allston. Because he is a public affairs-oriented host, Lydon's 
> application
> >would be given priority over popular music shows, which are readily
> >available elsewhere on the radio dial.
> >
> >As an unpaid volunteer, Lydon would be making less than he did in 
> his
> >former job. However, Lydon's A-B Free Radio program would never be
> >interrupted for underwriting announcements, nor would he be asked 
> to
> >participate in onerous and tedious on-air fundraising campaigns. 
> Lydon
> >would also be free to call the program whatever he likes, although 
> "It's
> >Our Cotton" has been suggested as a possibility.
> >
> >Like all the other 55 hosts at the station, Lydon would be asked to
> >volunteer to help out either with the steering committee, the 
> benefits
> >committee or, as seems more fitting given his experience, to join 
> the A-B
> >Free news staff. As such, he would be able to get instruction on
> >interviewing techniques, the use of the minidisc player and audio 
> editing.
> >
> >A-B Free Radio broadcasts at 1630 and 1670 AM and while our 
> broadcast range
> >is restricted to about a mile, our webcast at www.abfreeradio.org 
> would
> >allow Lydon's program to be heard throughout the world. Also, we 
> are in the
> >process of installing a third transmitter, in order to extend our 
> coverage
> >in the Kelton St./Commonwealth Ave. section of Allston.
> >
> >The much-traveled Lydon has in the past been condescending and 
> perjorative
> >toward the concept of free radio, once suggesting to the founder of 
> A-B
> >Free Radio, Stephen Provizer, that he open up the radio station in 
> >a used clothing store in Allston. However, members of the station 
> are
> >confident that Lydon's recent experience with public radio and any
> >reality-testing he does with commercial radio will help to change 
> his
> >attitude towards the importance of community radio.
> >
> >
> > -30-
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >Steve Provizer                     Citizens' Media Corps
> >107 Brighton Ave.                Allston-Brighton Free 
> Radio----1630 and
> >1670 AM
> >Allston, MA 02134               ***Voices for Community***
> >617-232-3174 <http://www.citizensmedia.org.>
> >Radio Studio: <http://www.abfreeradio.org>
> >617-787-0005 <http://www.radfrall.org/>

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