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Re: WBUR-FM suspends 2 in "Connection" flap

From: "Mark Shneyder" <bostonradio@yahoo.com>

> He's free to go wherever he gets a better offer but
> he shouldn't have the right to take the Connection
> with him. That's WBUR's show and should stay at the
> station.

Shoulda, woulda, coulda....

The "shoulds" don't rule anything....it's whatever the agreement between
them says.  And they are free to make ANY agreement they can come to terms

So a discussion of what "should" and "shouldn't" happen is moot....

> WBUR has done a fantastic job of promoting, marketing
> and distributing the show which it originally created.

Who knows WHO *really* created it....The only thing we can be sure of is
that it appears on WBUR's signal....what happens and how it happens is not
known.  Maybe the show idea was Leydons to begin with.  Maybe it was
actually the Producer who had the idea of syndication and has done much of
the pitching of the show to other public stations...who knows?

> Why should he and his producer have the right to take it
> off the station and sell it back to them or to whoever?

Ummmm...Maybe because it's part of "the deal"?  Look at "I Love Lucy", Art
Bell, Lost 45's...all are shows that the talent had maintained the rights
to.  There is nothing unusual about such arrangements.

> The show is
> the property of WBUR.

Are we sure of that?  The intellectual propert rights are a subject of
ongoing discussion and negotiation.

> His demands are totally unreasonable.

Asking for anything is reasonable.  And EVERYTHING is negotiable when
contract times come along...

> I think Lydon has nothing to complain about. WBUR has
> treated him quite well over the years.

While his salary has surprised most of us....is it OK for a company to make
zillions on an employee's work and only pay him a small portion for it?
This show is apparently a bonanza for WBUR...Who's to say what Leydon should
be paid?  You?  Christo?  In actuality, the free market will decide.

> If the guy wants
> to start working for himself, like a number
> of us already do, and do his own thing somewhere else, let him.

Maybe he will....give it time...it ain't over yet.  However, I'm sure
everyone's first choice is to keep things in place the way they are.  All
they are really arguing over is the numbers.

> It's a free markeplace, afterall. But he shouldn't be using
> The Connection as a launching pad for his own radio
> programming business.

And what did you use as a launching pad when you decided to work for
yourself?  Your prior experience, right?

BTW...You seem mighty opinionated about this employer/employee relationship
for some reason...Maintaining the "My way or the highway" school of thought.


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