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WSPR towers

A while back someone posted about an application from
a tower-owning company to build one new tower for WSPR
at its site in West Springfield, and wondered what was
up because it uses two towers. After 25 years, I took
a look at the site on Thursday and there is some sort
of truck terminal with dozens of full-size trailers
and other pieces of equipment and vehicles stored
immediately next to the west tower, to the point where
some of it is within a foot or two of the tower. A
large paved parking lot covers much of tbhe area near
the west tower. This was not there back in the day.
There is also a steel-frame building just a little bit
to the west that is new.

I'm thinking maybe they plan to move the west tower
and re-engineer it so they keep the same pattern. Just
a guess. I cannot find the application anywhere on the
FCC database. It looks like they would have to move
the west tower southward, so if you had the
coordinates for the center of the new array you could
compare them to the existing. If I read it correctly,
it says tower 2 is now oriented 85 degrees from tower
1, which means they're just about on an east-west line
now.It's also my very hazy recollection that the west
tower is the one that once was picked up and moved to
establish a new pattern but the ground system was left
as it was.

As far as WSPR being a going business, when I was in
Springfield I heard that the new census is expected to
show that at least 30 percent of the city population
is Hispanic, 70 percent in Holyoke, and an overall
continuing big increase in the metro area. And WSPR is
by far the best signal in Spanish there. I'd say order
more wheelbarrows to take the money to the bank :)

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