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Re: WBUR-FM suspends 2 in "Connection" flap

He's free to go wherever he gets a better offer but
he shouldn't have the right to take the Connection
with him. That's WBUR's show and should stay at the
station. WBUR has done a fantastic job of promoting, marketing
and distributing the show which it originally created.
Why should he and his producer have the right to take it
off the station and sell it back to them or to whoever? The show is
the property of WBUR. His demands are totally unreasonable.

I think Lydon has nothing to complain about. WBUR has
treated him quite well over the years. If the guy wants
to start working for himself, like a number
of us already do, and do his own thing somewhere else, let him.
It's a free markeplace, afterall. But he shouldn't be using
The Connection as a launching pad for his own radio
programming business. 


--- Dan Billings <dib9@gwi.net> wrote:
> Weird.  I find Lydon and "The Connection" boring, but it seems that WBUR is
> taking an extreme measure.  How can you suspend the host and hope to re-open
> negotiations?  If his contract with WBUR does not prevent it, I suspect
> Lydon could go to another public radio station and still get the NPR deal.
> -- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

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