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Re: WBUR-FM suspends 2 in "Connection" flap

I did not mean to imply from my earlier comments that Lydon, Christo or
anyone else in public radio was overpaid.  My point was that management
decisions in public radio are driven by money, just like in commercial
radio.  "Serving the public" and quality of programming may be a
consideration, but the bottom line is no less of a consideration than it is
for the evil corporate broadcasters.

If WBUR can bill more than most commercial stations in Boston, why do they
need any subsidy from the taxpayers?

I regularly get fundraising letters from WBUR.  I don't know why since I
life in Maine and have never given money to any public station.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

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From: <dan.strassberg@att.net>
> My guess is that Christo gets more money than any other
> individual in Boston radio today. I have no inside
> information, but I suspect that she pulls down close to
> $500,000 per year.
> Arguably, she is worth it. The Globe article says that
> WBUR's annual budget is $19 million. I imagine that one
> or two Boston stations (WMJX, WBZ, maybe WBCN) bill
> more, but $19 million has got to be one of the highest
> annual budgets of any US public radio station.