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Re: WBUR-FM suspends 2 in "Connection" flap


I agree that WBUR owns the Connection, but so what?  Isn't "The Connection"
just a name and Christopher Lydon really the show?  Viacom owns "Imus in the
Morning" but what's the show, or any show, worth without the talent that
people tune in to hear?  Do you really think WBUR can pick another host and
move on without missing a beat?  I bet the NPR deal disappears if Lydon
leaves.  NPR wants him, not "The Connection" with another host.

Lydon's demands may not be reasonable, but if WBUR wants to make a deal with
him, suspending him and laying out the dirty laundry in the Globe isn't the
way to do it.  WBUR's actions tell me that they are not negiotating in good

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine
    Who finds this controversy more interesting than any edition of The