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Re: "Lost 45's"

Chuckigo@aol.com wrote:
>as Barry Scott wrote:
>>>...just contact your favorite local radio station's Program Director
and/or General Manager and have your friends, family and co-workers do the
same. ...<<

>past campaigns of this sort, in particular with Barry, have backfired on
 i will not name the pd.  i will say it is not the present WROR program
director.  i will also say that as a result of not being able to simply
open and read e-mail, this program director was dissauded from even
thinking about the possibility of adding the show to the station's lineup.

I agree.  This seems to be a pretty sleazy pseudo grass-roots campaign.
Reminds me of when I was a jock getting flooded with emails (with a zillion
other jocks/PDs on stations I'd never even heard of cc'd) requesting the
latest from Hanson or N'Sync or some other boy band.  I gave them the
consideration they deserved.

If Barry wants his to get show on the air in this (or any) market, maybe he
should pitch the show, in person, to the PD in question and let the
decision succeed or fail on the show's merit, not on some phony campaign.