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"Lost 45's"

as Barry Scott wrote:
>>...just contact your favorite local radio station's Program Director and/or General Manager and have your friends, family and co-workers do the same. ...<<

first off, i'm not sure how his latest e-mail wound up in my mailbox, since the sender, adressee and reply-to are all the same.  i'm guessing that it arrived here by way of a blind copy to the newsgroup.
I will say that I too have always enjoyed Barry's show. great stuff and yes, lots of "Oh Wow's!"
i will suggest to Barry that any suggestions for folks to contact radio station people should include the use of regular mail.
past campaigns of this sort, in particular with Barry, have backfired on him.  the volume of e-mail, in particular, was such that one program director's mail server was bogged down for several days in a row, often taking the server up to forty-five minutes to display all of the messages.  i will not name the pd.  i will say it is not the present WROR program director.  i will also say that as a result of not being able to simply open and read e-mail, this program director was dissauded from even thinking about the possibility of adding the show to the station's lineup. (for what's it's worth... before the aforementioned campaign was launched, there was a slot penciled in for the show at this pd's station. tentative and in the "thought process", but the e-mail flood took that thought off the table.)
public voices can be heard.  just as to how they are received is as important as the message.

- -Chuck Igo, underemployed radio guy.