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Re: WBUR-FM suspends 2 in "Connection" flap

--- Joseph Pappalardo <joepappalardo2001@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Who knows WHO *really* created it....The only thing we can be sure of is
> that it appears on WBUR's signal....what happens and how it happens is not
> known.  Maybe the show idea was Leydons to begin with.  Maybe it was
> actually the Producer who had the idea of syndication and has done much of
> the pitching of the show to other public stations...who knows?

WBUR orginally created the show and hired Lydon to be the host.
The show was called "On Line" for the first week on the air but
then BU Communications changed to "Connection" to avoid confusion with
Chuck Adler's "Adler On-Line" on another BU-owned outlet WABU-TV68....

The syndication was Christo's idea alone. She gambled and made it
work. She used listeners' money to lease satellite space(originally without a
single affil on board), market the show locally and nationally and pay
show's expenses which represent 20% of WBUR's budget. I seriously doubt
you would find Lydon's signature on any of the checks that were used to cover
for the costs associated with the Connection. And now the guy wants a 60-40
ownership split in his favor?
> While his salary has surprised most of us....is it OK for a company to make
> zillions on an employee's work and only pay him a small portion for it?
> This show is apparently a bonanza for WBUR...Who's to say what Leydon should
> be paid?  You?  Christo?  In actuality, the free market will decide.
That's Lydon, not Leydon. It doesn't appear like Lydon is/was getting a small
portion of profits in this case. He's definitely not your average Joe Shmo working
for the man, by any stretch of imagination. To make such a comparisson is
silly. WBUR has taken a good care of him compensation-wise. And, you're
repeating what I already stated in my previous post.
If the guy thinks he's in the big name syndication 
league salary-wise, all the power to him. Let him go out and prove it
somewhere else. Christo offered him and his producer a package which she
thought was their best, final deal. Like I said, if he thinks WBUR is jamming
him and he can make more somewhere else, good luck to him. If Lowry Mays or
Mel Karmazin think he's worth it, I am sure they'll be happy to sign him
and pay him more than WBUR offered...


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