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Re: "The Lost 45s" with Barry Scott back on web

I don't think that these 80's shows and formats have much to do with Barry's
show at all.  Heck, oldies stations came up with the idea of playing the most
popular songs of days gone by long before the Lost 45's hit the air.   80's
shows like Back To The 80's Friday Night on BMX and the "Awesome 80's on XLO
play the most popular, highest testing and most requested songs of that era.
They use the same methodology that oldies and classic rock stations use to
determine the most popular gold titles to play.

Having said that, I do want to say that I am a fan of the Lost 45's.  Tbe whole
idea behind the show is to play the songs from the 70's and 80's that don't get
played on the radio anymore--the proverbial "Oh Wow" records.  Barry goes for
the forgotten and esoteric, not the most popular songs.  The aim of the show is
much different, and thus the playlists are much different from what these new
all 80's stations are doing and what local stations are programming on their
80's features.

Mike Thomas

Mike_ed wrote:

> As a long time fan of the lost 45's, let me be the first one to say how much
> you've been missed on the local airwaves.  However, having said that, I
> think that a ton of radio station PD's owe you their careers in my humble
> opinion.  Unfortunately they've stolen your idea and now with other radio
> stations not only doing like " Back To The Eighties Friday Night " on Mix
> 98.5 in Boston but having formats revolving around 80's hits, I can't help
> but feel that they've stolen your niche in the radio world.  I guess it's
> just like every other fad that hits pop culture in that once it hits big,
> that there is this copy cat effect and that's the problem with all the
> homogenization that going on in radio across the country.  Once they see
> something good in one market, now everybody else has to do it too.  I guess
> originality in radio has gone out the window !!!