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Not only that........

but one of my biggest gripes that I have ( along with Mickey and Come On
Eileen played ad nauseum ) is the total lack of alternative music that puts
the emphasis on Talking Heads, Eurythmics, etc on these 80's programs.
College radio ( especially WBRU in Providence ) was just as major of a force
on 80's radio as the CHR and top-40 stations of their day.

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> Mike--Thanks for the e-mail. I appreciated your response. The 80s shows at
MIX were started when I was moved to their sister station, 93.7. They are
pretty much copy cats, but I still believe "The Lost 45s" is a better
product with higher name recognition. After 19 years with it, I know what
songs to play--thanks to listeners requests--and my library of TV/Movie/News
clips and interviews/IDs is larger than anyone's but maybe Dick Clark! Plus,
playing music from just one decade gets old fast--just hear how many times
"Come On Eileen" is played on those shows! Hopefully, a smarter PD will see
the light and we'll be back on the air in Boston soon. Thanks again for your
kind words. Barry
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> As a long time fan of the lost 45's, let me be the first one to say how
much you've been missed on the local airwaves.  However, having said that, I
think that a ton of radio station PD's owe you their careers in my humble
opinion.  Unfortunately they've stolen your idea and now with other radio
stations not only doing like " Back To The Eighties Friday Night " on Mix
98.5 in Boston but having formats revolving around 80's hits, I can't help
but feel that they've stolen your niche in the radio world.  I guess it's
just like every other fad that hits pop culture in that once it hits big,
that there is this copy cat effect and that's the problem with all the
homogenization that going on in radio across the country.  Once they see
something good in one market, now everybody else has to do it too.  I guess
originality in radio has gone out the window !!!
> Mike
> A LONG TIME fan from Cape Cod
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