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Re: "The Lost 45s" with Barry Scott back on web

As a long time fan of the lost 45's, let me be the first one to say how much
you've been missed on the local airwaves.  However, having said that, I
think that a ton of radio station PD's owe you their careers in my humble
opinion.  Unfortunately they've stolen your idea and now with other radio
stations not only doing like " Back To The Eighties Friday Night " on Mix
98.5 in Boston but having formats revolving around 80's hits, I can't help
but feel that they've stolen your niche in the radio world.  I guess it's
just like every other fad that hits pop culture in that once it hits big,
that there is this copy cat effect and that's the problem with all the
homogenization that going on in radio across the country.  Once they see
something good in one market, now everybody else has to do it too.  I guess
originality in radio has gone out the window !!!


A LONG TIME fan from Cape Cod
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Subject: "The Lost 45s" with Barry Scott back on web

> Hey All: Just a word on "The Lost 45s" show. After leaving terrestrial
radio in '99--when my syndicator turned to all-talk and the Boston affiliate
(93.7) changed formats--I've concentrated solely on internet radio, creating
a site called OldiesCentral.com, which plays all Top 40 hits from 1955-1989.
"The Lost 45s" airs 24/7 on my web site as well at http://www.lost45.com.
> As a lover of the medium since the age of 5, I would like to return to
terrestrial radio--but finding it hard to even get the show back on in
Boston, where it was #1 25-54 on 4 different radio stations every single
book for 13 years! Radio has become so research driven and so boring, that
Program Director's are too afraid to "gamble" on even a well-known, highly
rated specialty show like "The Lost 45s."
> I'll keep trying though...looking for a Program Director (like a few that
I used to work with) who have a love for radio, music and the product--who
see what a specialty show like this one has to offer--mainly a chance to
bring new listeners and advertisers to their format.
> Still get hundreds of e-mails a week, almost 2 years later, asking why
it's not on the air in Boston. I don't really know what to tell them, other
than radio is simply too dull right now--and ripe for the picking by
satellite and internet channels.
> Thanks for all the kind words over the years and hope to talk to you all
in the near future. If you have any questions about internet radio (I am
located in Boston at a company called RadioAMP) please send them here!
> --
> Barry Scott
> Program Director/OldiesCentral.com
> Programming Assistant/RadioAMP.com
> Host of "The Lost 45s"/Lost45.com
> --