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Re: dimpled chads help WTKK

"Bob Nelson...WMWM" wrote:

> So WTKK has doubled its ratings, from 1.0 to 2.1.
> Maybe the recent election controversy had something to
> do with that (the book was Nov-Dec, right?)

The book ran from mid-September to mid-December.  The elections
definitely helped WTKK, but I'm sure a lot of new listeners have sampled
the station, which will help the FM talker in the long run.

> So maybe hosts like Jay Severin were picking up new
> listeners --new not only to the station but to talk
> radio itself. Whether or not those listeners will stay
> hooked is in question, but everyone from schoolkids
> to retirees was interested in the Florida voting
> controversy, and talk radio seemed to benefit.
> Interestingly enough, WRKO didn't seem to pick up
> any of that; WTKK did.

WRKO did go up a half point in the book.  My guess is that Rush and the
newly-live 9-noon shift fueled the increase.  Don Kelley mentioned that
Severin did edge out Howie in the key demos, which is a big victory for
WTKK.  I wonder how the I-man did against Blute and Moes in this book.
With TKK doing as well as they did overall, Imus must have had decent

> Maybe WRKO's hosts didn't turn people on; or maybe
> people tend to stick on the FM dial and when they
> were dial-spinning they came along to "96.9, FM
> Talk". As for whether or not Howie Carr was discussing
> the issue, yes, he was, but as some have pointed
> out maybe his shtick is getting tired, leading people
> to Severin instead.

The fact that Howie went national probably hurt him.  There were no
major state races to follow, which is where Howie has his edge.  Of
course, with his show now syndicated, he couldn't take a local spin on
the elections even if he wanted to.  Besides, most of the callers to
both stations leaned very right wing, which plays to Severin's
strengths.   Howie has cemented a reputation as a lifestyle talker in
the last year since his show went national, which has hurt his
credibility discussing politics.

Mike Thomas