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Re: dimpled chads help WTKK

During the "election saga"...which also happens to be the "Christmas Season"
for spot sales....I noticed that at times WRKO seemed OVER-loaded with

Could it be that WRKO got a little bit "piggy" during the holiday
advertising schedule?  Someone on the list (me!) mentioned earlier that one
of the reasons they may have dumped the syndicated fare during the election
saga.....is to have the flexibility to get in MORE spots during the
Christmas buying season!

When people are listening to talkradio....typically in the car...I don't
know how many 6 & 7 minute stop sets they can sit thru...

Overloading of spots may explain why 'RKO didn't fare as well during a time
when they should of soared....


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Subject: dimpled chads help WTKK

> So WTKK has doubled its ratings, from 1.0 to 2.1.
> Maybe the recent election controversy had something to
> do with that (the book was Nov-Dec, right?) While
> tuning in to WTKK, I heard several callers say "I
> never called or even listened to talk radio before but
> this subject got me interested". (Heard similar
> comments on WRKO and WBZ.)
> So maybe hosts like Jay Severin were picking up new
> listeners --new not only to the station but to talk
> radio itself. Whether or not those listeners will stay
> hooked is in question, but everyone from schoolkids
> to retirees was interested in the Florida voting
> controversy, and talk radio seemed to benefit.
> Interestingly enough, WRKO didn't seem to pick up
> any of that; WTKK did.
> Maybe WRKO's hosts didn't turn people on; or maybe
> people tend to stick on the FM dial and when they
> were dial-spinning they came along to "96.9, FM
> Talk". As for whether or not Howie Carr was discussing
> the issue, yes, he was, but as some have pointed
> out maybe his shtick is getting tired, leading people
> to Severin instead.
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