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Re: dimpled chads help WTKK

Mike Thomas wrote:

> "Bob Nelson...WMWM" wrote:
> > So WTKK has doubled its ratings, from 1.0 to 2.1.
> > Maybe the recent election controversy had something to
> > do with that (the book was Nov-Dec, right?)
> The book ran from mid-September to mid-December.  The elections
> definitely helped WTKK, but I'm sure a lot of new listeners have sampled
> the station, which will help the FM talker in the long run.
> > So maybe hosts like Jay Severin were picking up new
> > listeners --new not only to the station but to talk
> > radio itself. Whether or not those listeners will stay
> > hooked is in question, but everyone from schoolkids
> > to retirees was interested in the Florida voting
> > controversy, and talk radio seemed to benefit.
> > Interestingly enough, WRKO didn't seem to pick up
> > any of that; WTKK did.
> WRKO did go up a half point in the book.  My guess is that Rush and the
> newly-live 9-noon shift fueled the increase.  Don Kelley mentioned that
> Severin did edge out Howie in the key demos, which is a big victory for
> WTKK.  I wonder how the I-man did against Blute and Moes in this book.
> With TKK doing as well as they did overall, Imus must have had decent
> numbers.
> > Maybe WRKO's hosts didn't turn people on; or maybe
> > people tend to stick on the FM dial and when they
> > were dial-spinning they came along to "96.9, FM
> > Talk". As for whether or not Howie Carr was discussing
> > the issue, yes, he was, but as some have pointed
> > out maybe his shtick is getting tired, leading people
> > to Severin instead.
> The fact that Howie went national probably hurt him.  There were no
> major state races to follow, which is where Howie has his edge.  Of
> course, with his show now syndicated, he couldn't take a local spin on
> the elections even if he wanted to.  Besides, most of the callers to
> both stations leaned very right wing, which plays to Severin's
> strengths.   Howie has cemented a reputation as a lifestyle talker in
> the last year since his show went national, which has hurt his
> credibility discussing politics.
> Mike Thomas

Another factor that Severin has going for him are some of the hippest
bumper tunes

of any talk show host.

Severin has quite a background in rock n' roll, from what I hear