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Re: Liz Wilde?

--- Norm Rosen <inorm99@earthlink.net> wrote:
> Liz Wild, ( Liz Wilde is someone else)

Legal name is Anne Whitmorre as listed in her $1.5 million
suit filed against WMMS-FM in 9/97.

> worked at WAAF from 1990 to some time in the mid 90's. She was replaced by Opie
> and Anthony, so  you say O and A are Liz Wildish.

Left WAAF in 3/95 for WLUP.

> I remember her afternoon shift on WSHE 103.5 in Ft. Lauderdale, Miami in 1988.
> She had the afternoon drive shift there, preceded by Randi Rhodes, who went on
> to WBAB
> where O and A got their start.

Randi Rhodes replaced her at WINZ AM/SuperTalk 940 last summer
after Wilde got the station into minor trouble with the FCC.
Allegedly, Wilde called the home of someone seeking permission to
broadcast a phone conversation. According to the complaint filed,
WINZ actually aired Wilde asking the man's permission, meaning he
was not notified prior to the broadcast. The FCC issued
a $4,000 fine for the incident, which Clear Channel didn't dispute.

Sidenote, Brooke Daniels who used to be with WROR/Boston in the 80's
is WINZ's nighttime personality(10pm-1am).

> From WAAF, she went on to work at WLUP in Chicago, then AM drive at WMMS in
> Cleveland

In between WLUP and WMMS, there was a brief morning drive
stop at WPLL-FM/Miami which she left after 5 months when WMMS'
offer came in.

> She was certainly no more outrageous than O and A, but chose some conservative
> markets
> to work, and at least in WMMS's case, she was let go for the same reason that
> she was
> brought in, " to be outrageous".

No, the reason was Howard Stern. WMMS went head-to-head with Stern
and lost even more of their audience to Howard after Stern-wannabe
Wilde arrived into town...

> It would be great to hear her in the Boston market again.

You can hear her on-line. Fisher-owned talk station in Portland
streams 24/7(www.1080kotk.com). The show just went national 2 weeks
ago with about 20 stations already on board...


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