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Re: Liz Wilde?

Don MacMillan wrote:

> Does anyone here remember Liz Wilde?
> Wasn't she on WAAF...or WHJY...or both?
> I had heard that she went to a few stations after leaving (getting fired)
> from this area.....and I heard she was fired for being outrageous from a few
> places after that....Florida?  Chicago?
> Guess what?  She has her own Syndicated show now.....(from Fisher).
> I seem to remember some controversy about her when she was here...  Did she
> do something "Opie and Anthony-ish"?
> Did anyone follow her career?
> DM

Liz Wild, ( Liz Wilde is someone else)

worked at WAAF from 1990 to some time in the mid 90's. She was replaced by Opie
and Anthony, so  you say O and A are Liz Wildish.

I remember her afternoon shift on WSHE 103.5 in Ft. Lauderdale, Miami in 1988.

She had the afternoon drive shift there, preceded by Randi Rhodes, who went on

where O and A got their start.

She, of course was controversial, very funny, and topical. She knew a great
deal about Rock and Roll ( As opposed to internal)

No body part was sacred.