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Re: Liz Wilde, etc...?

> > Liz Wild, ( Liz Wilde is someone else)
> Legal name is Anne Whitmorre as listed in her $1.5 million
> suit filed against WMMS-FM in 9/97.

Was this ever resolved?  1.5 Million would be a nice way to say goodbye to

> Sidenote, Brooke Daniels who used to be with WROR/Boston in the 80's
> is WINZ's nighttime personality(10pm-1am).

REmember when Brooke, after leaving WROR(98.5) went to do a talk show at New
Jersey 101.5?  Which was later syndicated by the Muuuuewtual Network?

I never knew what led her into talk....and apparently so successfully.


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