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Re: Brudnoy shilling for Monster.com?

From: "Donna Halper" <dlh@donnahalper.com>

> Am I the only one who noticed (and was puzzled by) the two effusive shows
> David Brudnoy did with the CEO of job-search website Monster.com?  I
> realise that folks from WBZ read this list, and I hope they won't take
> offence, but I am very curious as to how an obvious info-mercial got TWO
> separate hour-long segments of Brudnoy.  It doesn't seem like the sort of
> subject he would find news-worthy, nor does it seem like the kind of
> subject he would normally devote even one hour to, let alone two.

Did we ever get an answer on this?

Again, this doesn't seem like the kind of topic that David would schedule
for himself.  WBZ has shown their friendliness to "infomercial-type"
programs....usually airing them from a national source on Sunday
Nights/overnight.  (Hair loss, potency products, etc.)  USually they are
froma  national source.

What I thought was interesting was the cross-promotion aspect of this.
Monster.com gets an hour or two with Brudnoy paired along with sponsorship
mentions, etc.

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