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Brudnoy shilling for Monster.com?

Am I the only one who noticed (and was puzzled by) the two effusive shows 
David Brudnoy did with the CEO of job-search website Monster.com?  I 
realise that folks from WBZ read this list, and I hope they won't take 
offence, but I am very curious as to how an obvious info-mercial got TWO 
separate hour-long segments of Brudnoy.  It doesn't seem like the sort of 
subject he would find news-worthy, nor does it seem like the kind of 
subject he would normally devote even one hour to, let alone two.  Was this 
thrust upon him by the sales dept, I wonder?  I would hope that Brudnoy's 
show can remain a talk show devoted to intelligent discussion, and in such 
an environment, I don't think info-mercials fit, even if they are lucrative.