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Re: Steve Allen has died

Bob Nelson writes:
> Allen was original host of the "Tonight Show", of
> course, as well as being a comedian on TV, radio,
> and elsewhere; he hosted "Meeting of the Minds"
> on PBS, and was a prolific songwriter ("This Could Be
> The Start Of Something Big"). Farewell, Stevarino.

I still laugh at recalling him in a mock newscast full of frenetic
energy when he reaches behind him and says, "Time for a recap" and
holds up an old car tire while he honks a bicycle horn with the other
and laughed hysterically.  So did everybody else.

He'll also be remembered for his amazing ability to concoct a melody
at the piano with just two or three keys plunked by an audience

More recently, he was an outspoken member of the body of early
broadcasters who resent the direction that TV and, particularly, radio
had gone towards, esp. language and content.  Stern regularly took a
shot at Allen for this.  Where was everybody else?

Bill O'Neill