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Re: Steve Allen has died

>Bob Nelson wrote:
>Allen was original host of the "Tonight Show", of
>course, as well as being a comedian on TV, radio,
>and elsewhere; he hosted "Meeting of the Minds"
>on PBS, and was a prolific songwriter ("This Could Be
>The Start Of Something Big"). Farewell, Stevarino.

    And the radio connection is . . . that the radio report I heard
mentioned that he first got to be noticed when he worked as a radio DJ in
Phoenix. It said the late-night show, called by his name rather than
"Tonight" at first, started as a local show on ch. 4 in NY in 1953 and went
to the network in 1954. He wrote "This Could Be the Start of Something
Good" as the theme song for the TV show.

        The original show was described as Steve Allen came out, played the
piano and told jokes, stood up and told jokes, then moved to a desk where
he interviewed people. He also did goofy man-in-the-street interviews. I
think I saw that show last night :)). Wonder if Leno, and Letterman for
that matter, will take note of his passing.