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Re: AM 830 Preparing to Go 50kw?

Scott D Fybush wrote:

> In reference to Laurencefrommethuen's suggestion that WEEI should
> consider buying 830:
> Way back in the dark ages of Boston AM (1994?), when I was a drone
> at WBZ and Westinghouse still owned the place, and the Group W
> management was contemplating buying WEEI, which was then on 590, I
> suggested that the company look at 830, which was then an unbuilt
> CP.  The idea would have been to build out 830, trade it to WTAG
> (then owned by Knight Quality Group, of course), take 580 dark and
> thus give 590 room to improve its signal.
> I don't think that suggestion was ever given much of a serious hearing,
> of course, and the point became moot when Group W didn't buy 590,
> ARS did, and the big toilet-flushin' WHDH-WEEI-WBNW move came about
> a few months later.
> I still maintain that 830, especially with the power upgrade, is a
> superior Worcester signal to 580.
> -s

I agree that once they power up, 830 AM will be  superior to any other AM
that Worcester has.

It would be great if WTAG would buy, or swap frequencies with 830 once
they increase their


Now the question what if Entercom buys it?

Although, 830 is adjacent to 850, and because of it's closeness, it would
make sense to

relay WEEI 850 on 830 Worcester, but that may be the ONLY reason.

WEEI 850 reaches Metro West better than WRKO at night, and because of the
glut of sports

talk, and the lack of potent News Talk AM signals outside of the immediate
Boston area,

I say hypothetically, if WTAG wishes to keep the 580 frequency for reasons
of sentimentality,

then keep 1440 as sports, and relay WRKO on 830.