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Re: WAAF Jocks In Trouble

On Mon, 30 Oct 2000 08:41:33 -0500 mamros@MIT.EDU (Shawn Mamros) writes:
> >See what Congress hath sown with the total lack of local control of 
> radio
> >and television stations.  That station deserves have it's 
> management and
> >those two idiots sent to that woman S&M practitioner.
> <*user scratches head*>  I don't quite understand the connection 
> here.
> There was nothing "illegal" about the stunt, under current or former
> FCC rules and Congressional mandates.  

	I think the point being the FCC is not only a toothless tiger 
	these days, it's a tiger on life support as far as broadcast
	enforcement goes.

	BTW, if the recordings turn out to be legit then the stunt was
	definitely illegal.  Can't go around conducting illegal wiretaps
	in too many places.

> I also wouldn't jump to the conclusion that this was a 
> management-sanctioned
> stunt.  One thing that would be most telling would be knowing where 
> these
> turkeys grew up.  In other parts of the country, where there isn't 
> such
> a large Catholic population as there is here, this bit wouldn't have 
> gained
> anywhere near as much attention. 

	RIGHT!  I have some bottom land for sale in Florida, interested?
> -Shawn Mamros (who was raised RC, so I do know...)

	So was I.


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