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Re: "former" college stations

WFMU has a very interesting history. Not only is it the last remnant of
Upsala College. (The station actually bought the license off the college
in 1994, one year before the college went bankrupt. Just this year they
moved off the empty college campus and over to new studios in Jersey
City). But, 'FMU is also the only FM station to currently broadcast from
Armstrong's orginal transmitter site in Alpine, NJ. 

And (heart be still) they do not accept underwriting announcements. 


On Mon, 30 Oct 2000, Bob Nelson...WMWM wrote:

> Probably not the only case of that. WFMU in E. Orange
> NJ (not sure) once sent a friend of mine a catalog
> of offbeat tapes and products you could buy
> (presumably to help fund the station) and it
> mentioned that the station was once part of Upsala
> College (and I think it said the college became
> defunct)-- so that would be another case of a college
> station disaffiliating itself from a college. And
> there are probably more as well.
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