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Re: AM 830 Preparing to Go 50kw?

If Entercom was to buy 830, it would make the most sense to relay WEEI--simply
because it bills better than RKO.  850 dies in Framingham at night and it
starts to get noisy in Marlboro during the day.  830 would fill the gap there
nicely, and since the Worcester market is part of the Boston metro as well, it
would make sense to get a full-signal relay of Entercom's cash cow out to the
fast growing Metrowest area.  Entercom would also be able to move the Red Sox
to 830 from WTAG, since they would have superior coverage of the Worcester
market, and metrowest at night--better than TAG's.  WVEI is very spotty, even
during the day, so that station could be dealt away to help fund the
acquisition of 830.  If they were to hang onto 1440, WRKO could wind up
simulcasting there.

Norm Rosen wrote:

> Now the question what if Entercom buys it?
> Although, 830 is adjacent to 850, and because of it's closeness, it would
> make sense to
> relay WEEI 850 on 830 Worcester, but that may be the ONLY reason.
> WEEI 850 reaches Metro West better than WRKO at night, and because of the
> glut of sports
> talk, and the lack of potent News Talk AM signals outside of the immediate
> Boston area,
> I say hypothetically, if WTAG wishes to keep the 580 frequency for reasons
> of sentimentality,
> then keep 1440 as sports, and relay WRKO on 830.