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Berryhill leaves WMEX

According to today's Globe, Mark Berryhill (I believe 
formerly of Channel 7) is leaving or has left the post 
of VP and GM of WMEX 1060 to become GM of KRON-TV in San 
Francisco. Isn't KRON about to become an independent 
station after five decades as an NBC affiliate? Nobody 
could quite understand why a successful major market TV 
GM left a plum job in TV to join a startup AM (and a 
daytimer at that). As a listener, rather than an 
insider, I never understood what Berryhill did as WMEX 
GM. It appears that WMEX owner, Alex Langer, has been 
playing a major role in the station's day-to-day 
operations. Now, Berryhill is apparently leaving radio 
to go back to managing a major-market VHF TV station, 
although, if I'm right about KRON becoming an indie, he 
may have his work cut out for him.