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Re: Berryhill leaves WMEX

dan.strassberg@att.net wrote: 

>Isn't KRON about to become an independent station after five
>decades as an NBC affiliate?

Yes, Jan 1.,2001.

>Nobody  could quite understand why a successful major market TV GM
>left a plum job in TV to join a startup AM (and a daytimer at that).

Whatever his reasons were he was certainly didn't get over-worked
at WMEX(in and out of the office with the sunrise/sunset).
The station still has no ratings to show for and the advertising
market going very soft all of sudden is not a good sign for 1060.

I don't think Berryhill was ever a GM at WHDH. I am pretty sure Mike
Carson was(and still is) the GM at 7 when Berryhill worked as a
News Director there. 

>Now, Berryhill is apparently leaving radio to go back to managing
>a major-market VHF TV station, although, if I'm right about KRON
>becoming an indie, he may have his work cut out for him.

Berryhill will only focus on developing station's news programming,
not managing Young Broadcasting's new acquisition. Going to a bigger market
and retooling an entire news dept. for an established station sounds like
a real challenge. 


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