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The Press Box leaves WSMN for WMVU

I just got a letter in the mail telling me that The
Press Box with John Malori & Bob Berger is leaving its
slot Saturdays from 11Am-1Pm on WSMN in favor on WMVU.
If I recall the show has been on the air at WSMN for
about three years (Prior to Todd Feinburg becoming

The show will now be on in the same time slot on WMVU
AM 900 Nashua and the other stations on
Willow-whats-it-name-network, including Taunton,
Beverly, Brockton, and Gardner MA stations.

Another incarnation of the show was originally on WMVU
about four years ago, and I believe there was a
version of it on Methuen Cable TV. 

Is this the same Bob Berger I hear on 1-on-1 Sports on
the weekends doing NFL previews and commentary.


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