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Re: Article on Clear Channel Contests.....

<<On Sun, 22 Oct 2000 11:06:34 -0400, "Mark" <markwats@netway.com> said:

>    This past Thursday's (10/19) Boston Globe also had an article about
> Clear Channel's contest disclosures as a part of the weekly "Radio Tracks"
> column.

I heard the disclosure on a Fresno station last week.  They could have
hired the guy from the old Federal Express ``fast talker''

Interesting thing happening in the Central Valley, where the
mega-groups are engaging in a bit of petty trademark harrassment:

CCU's ``Jammin' Oldies'' stations (KKME 96.7 Manteca/Modesto and KQOD
100.1 Stockton) use the name ``Mega'' in their positioning.  In Fresno
-- and I can't tell which one came first -- Infinity's R&B oldies
outlet KMGV uses the name ``Mega 97.9'' and CCU's modern AC KALZ calls
itself ``Alice'' (used by Infinity elsewhere).  This is the same
market in which INF owns four Spanish-language stations....

(now safely back home)

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