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today's LTAR

On today's Let's Talk About Radio, Bob Bittner
mentioned that WNSH once had the calls of WBVD.
Indeed they did (think BeVerly-Danvers); staffers used
to wear T-shirts that said: "'BVD--the First Thing
You Put On In The Morning". And I do remember the
days when 1360 kHz in Lynn had the WNSH calls.

When they were WMLO and had a country format, my
nickname for 1570, referring to its city of license,
was "the Beverly Hillbillies".

Good idea about the expanded band, doomed to failure,
being used for low power AMs...in a way it's being
done already (pirates at 1620, 1640, and the Logan
info freq at 1650). But what about the proposed
digital radio-- what will become of the current AM
stations (or low-powered FMs like my own 130-watt

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