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Re: New WBZ top of the hour ID

Sounds like a repeat of the Blockbuster Wayne Heinzinger (ok, that's not 
spelled right) story.

At 02:59 AM 9/24/00 -0400, John Mullaney wrote:

>I don't think Mel has a lot to do with it.... Infinity stock had to be 
>cashed in
>for Viacom stock. CBS stockholders got some sort of Viacom deal too. The 
>rumor is
>that Mel and Sumner are not getting along so well..... I think the whole 
>thing is a an ego play..... Infinity exists as a name now only.... with Viacom
>being the deal! Mel's made a tone of money and CBS might have wanted to 
>let him
>with his radio success take a whack at TV, but Sumner is showing him who 
>the boss
>is now is and who the parent company is...   My guess is that Mel will have a
>enough soon and take his money and move into a new project. One that he 
>will once
>again have complete control of.
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