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Re: New WBZ top of the hour ID

Despite any animosity between Mel and Sumner, Karmazin  isn't going anywhere.
Eventually Sumner will step down and it seems Mel is bulking up on Viacom stock,
something I don't think he would be doing if he was looking to get out.  CBS-TV has
started to improve under Mel, and the radio division is holding its own while other
conglomerates are on very shaky financial ground.  Sumner dumping Mel, or Mel
leaving, would not bode well for Viacom's stock price long-term, since Sumner can't
run the show forever.  If he was to pass on or retire, the best person to run the
group is Mel, and Sumner knows it, whether he likes him or not.

Mike Thomas

John Mullaney wrote:

> I don't think Mel has a lot to do with it.... Infinity stock had to be cashed in
> for Viacom stock. CBS stockholders got some sort of Viacom deal too. The rumor is
> that Mel and Sumner are not getting along so well..... I think the whole Viacom
> thing is a an ego play..... Infinity exists as a name now only.... with Viacom
> being the deal! Mel's made a tone of money and CBS might have wanted to let him
> with his radio success take a whack at TV, but Sumner is showing him who the boss
> is now is and who the parent company is...   My guess is that Mel will have a
> enough soon and take his money and move into a new project. One that he will once
> again have complete control of.