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list Get-Together

Hi All -

How about a get-together and cook-out for all interested members of the
Boston e-mail radio list.  I'll provide the location, the BBQ grill and some
of the food -- it could be a pot-luck get together.  I would suggest we do
it on a Saturday night during August here at Gary's Ice Cream.  I do "The
Saturday Night Sock Hop" show live from the parking lot on WCAP (980am) from
7 - 10 every Saturday through the summer.  So far this year Mark Watson,
Bill O'Neil, Roger Kirk and Terry Wood from the list have stopped by -- how
about Donna, Garrett, Dave Phaneuf, Chuck Igo, and the rest of you.....
which weekend would be good for us to plan (weather permitting of course)?

Let's toss the idea around and see what we can come up with, OK?

-gary francis