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Re: WEGP 1390

It would seem to me, in this day and age, to have turntables in the air 
studio would be folly.  If you're playing vinyl because certain recordings 
were never released on CD, the risk of damaging the original recording in 
the air studio would be too great.  Once the vinyl has benn hit with cue 
burn or scratches, its too late and likely irreplaceable.  I would limit 
the turntables to production and dub an air copy onto a "house CD" or DAT 
or even a cart/hardrive system.  The original could then be archived for 
the next generation.


At 09:48 AM 7/24/00 -0700, Bob Nelson...WMWM wrote:
>I would expect most stations would have CDs in both
>air and production studios, and turntables in the
>production studio, at least (even if they're "on the
>shelf, just in case"). Of course, bigger stations
>probably have a lot of music/ music beds on computer
>or at least a cart.

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