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Re: list Get-Together

Sounds fine with me.  Pick the date.

At 02:34 PM 7/24/00 -0400, Saturday Night Sock Hop wrote:
>Hi All -
>How about a get-together and cook-out for all interested members of the
>Boston e-mail radio list.  I'll provide the location, the BBQ grill and some
>of the food -- it could be a pot-luck get together.  I would suggest we do
>it on a Saturday night during August here at Gary's Ice Cream.  I do "The
>Saturday Night Sock Hop" show live from the parking lot on WCAP (980am) from
>7 - 10 every Saturday through the summer.  So far this year Mark Watson,
>Bill O'Neil, Roger Kirk and Terry Wood from the list have stopped by -- how
>about Donna, Garrett, Dave Phaneuf, Chuck Igo, and the rest of you.....
>which weekend would be good for us to plan (weather permitting of course)?
>Let's toss the idea around and see what we can come up with, OK?
>-gary francis

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