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Re: WEGP 1390

True, and maybe I can do something about that. But you
must remember that the station I work for is just a
very-low-funded college station which would be more
concerned with promoting new punk and rap artists,
and things like this don't get much attention (money/
time) . In my own case, if I feel like playing a track
from Albert Collins' "Don't Lose Your Cool" album, I
go up to the record shelves and get our vinyl copy
(which I bought for the station--used, for a mere
$2.99) and play it (we don't have it on CD). I don't
have the money (and neither does the station) to run
out and get the same album on CD. So I just play the

College radio (at least a station like WMWM) has to
put up with malfunctioning equipment (and hardly any
money to pay an engineer), dead air because nobody
feels like doing a show, albums getting ripped off
despite a security system, among other things. At
130 watts, we're a lot closer to Allston-Brighton
Free Radio than we are to WBCN or even WFNX!

--- "Brian T. Vita" <brian_vita@cssinc.com> wrote:
> It would seem to me, in this day and age, to have
> turntables in the air 
> studio would be folly.  If you're playing vinyl
> because certain recordings 
> were never released on CD, the risk of damaging the
> original recording in 
> the air studio would be too great

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