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Re: WCRB signal

On 25 Jun 2000,  Sven Franklyn Weil wrote:

> Joe, have you tried collapsing the antenna on your radio (shortening it)?
> I've found that it helps when the radio is getting overloaded with too many
> signals (If I'm too near an FM candelabra, like the Empire State Bldg. or
> the World Trade Center.)  I imagine it holds true for the Pru also, right
> (ditto for Hancock)?

Thanks for the suggestion.  As I said a moment ago in my post to Rob 
Landry, I do plan to try experimenting with the antenna (which is already 
pretty short) and maybe the notch filter that he suggested.

> P.S. Thanks for making some sense of Larry's ramble.  I agree with you on
> the high repetition factor of commercial classical stations -- but
> sometimes I prefer that than yet another "Jammin' Oldies" or "NEW Adult
> Contemporary" setup.
> On Sun, 25 Jun 2000, A. Joseph Ross wrote:
> > 
> > Because I've heard the interfering signal identify itself.  It's WROR.
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