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Fwd: Re: re:WCRB signal

 ---- you wrote: 
> Just _can't_ restrain yourself, can you? For the umpteenth time, if you
> don't like WCRB, listen to another classical station, and if you can't pick
> up another classical station, try CDs. Your postings about your taste in
> music seem to have more to do with proving your intellectual superiority
> than anything else. Are you so insecure that you can't just enjoy the music
> you enjoy without waving your taste in front of the group as if it were some sort of badge...

Two points: many postings to this site and other sites
like it deal with certain matters somewhat repeatedly 
because there are only so many subjects to discuss
(pirate radio stations; AM's that don't go
DA-N at sundown; how BAD so many radio stations 
are;  what ever happened to so-and-so who was a DJ
at WXXX 20 years ago, etc.)

Point deux: about two years ago Extremely Dumbed-down 
pseudo-classical WCRB had a bulletin board attached to
its otherwise (and still) dreary web-site.  EVERYBODY
who posted there wrote in a somewhat more florid 
style than many shall I say ENGINEERS might use
because many listeners to classical and public FMs
enjoy language and like to use it.  This is considered
o.k. in sports for example, and some pornographic 
films I've been told.  But use a less than quotidian
word or insert a pun, and 'hoi polloi'  shout "SHOWOFF".
The former 'www.musicblvd.com', later absorbed into the
soon-to-be-moribund 'cd.com' had three bulletin boards:
Rockoplis, Jazz Central Station and Classical Insites
(their spelling).  The Rockoplis postings were nearly
if not actually primitive.  Jazz Central Station and 
Classical Insites postings were nearly works of 
literature with jokes, observations of a philosophical
nature, dissertations on aesthetics, Constitutional 
law and Chinese cuisine as I recall.  If one is in the
habit of LISTENING to real music, the chances are this
propensity to be aware of excellence carries over to
other areas and insinuates itself into other endeavors.

Laurence from Methuen

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