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re:WCRB signal

I find counselor Ross's entry on this subject v-e-r-y
interesting.  He's the only visitor to the BRIG who 
ever mentions that he or she tunes in to WCRB. (I'm
purposely not using the verb 'listen';  people LISTEN
to real music, but not to dumbed-down pseudo-classical.)
His description of how he uses radio during the day 
exactly matches the profile of the audience WCRB
mis-management is seeking: people who want easy-
listening, accessible, relatively short, unchallenging
orchestral music by a handful of composers repeated
I often wonder what it must be like to work there,
I know many types of stations repeat recordings 
frequently, but WCRB's formula is to program an
endless succession of compositions that SOUND alike.
Albinoni's Concerto in C for oboe with harpsichord; 
Bononcini's Concerto id D for bassoon with harpsichord;
Corelli's Concerto for 'cello in E with harpsichord;
Durante's Concerto in F for trumpet in F with 
harpsichord; any one of 400 Concertos by Vivaldi with
harpsichord etc.  (BTW, I know some people prefer to
pluralize 'concerto' as 'concerti' but IMNSHO once a 
foreign word is thoroughly integrated into English, it
OFTEN but not always takes an English plural...rhodo-
dendron, rhododendrons but phenomenon, phenomenons.)
I understand that William Campbell used to work at
WMJX, which is mind-numbingly boring with its 
repetitiousness.  I wouldn't be surprised to learn that
he kept 'MJX on in his office, but doesn't keep WCRB
on because it's worse! (Don't know for sure, just
surmising.)  I'm glad that WCRB didn't do something
gratuitous and perhaps play a choral Requiem in 
respect of Robert J. Lurtsema.  That would be an insult
to his memory.

Laurence from Methuen 

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