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WCRB signal

Have there been problems with WCRB's transmitter lately?  Or is WROR 
producing more interference than usual?  I've been having more trouble 
than usual getting WCRB in my office.  

At the same time, WGBH seems to be coming in much better.  I used to have 
a lot of trouble tuning them in at all, but now I can tune it in quite 
easily.  I started listening to WGBH earlier and WHRB later in the day, 
but that's not working either.  WGBH has started its pledge season 
(postponed because of Robert J's death), so they talk endlessly between 
short musical pieces.  WHRB apparently has changed from its former pattern 
of playing jazz in the morning and classical music after 1:00 PM.  Now, 
they seem to have jazz all day on some days.  So I try to listen to WCRB 
anyway, but the interference and fading is annoying. 

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