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re:WCRB signal

On 24 Jun 2000,  lglavin@lycosmail.com wrote:

> I find counselor Ross's entry on this subject v-e-r-y
> interesting.  He's the only visitor to the BRIG who 
> ever mentions that he or she tunes in to WCRB. (I'm
> purposely not using the verb 'listen';  people LISTEN
> to real music, but not to dumbed-down pseudo-classical.)

I don't really find the music dumbed-down or "pseudo" classical.  But I do 
wish they didn't repeat the same things so often, as I've said many times 
in this group.  They seem to pick a small number of works and play them 
over and over until people get sick of them.  Gradually, they vary the 
list.  A few years ago, I used to hear Beethoven's 8th symphony almost 
every afternoon.  Now, I never hear it.  Albinoni's concerto seems to be 
the latest obsession, which they seem to play almost every day.

> His description of how he uses radio during the day 
> exactly matches the profile of the audience WCRB
> mis-management is seeking: people who want easy-
> listening, accessible, relatively short, unchallenging
> orchestral music by a handful of composers repeated

Except that's not what I want.  I do want music on while I'm working, and 
I want music which won't distract me too much from my work.  Classical 
usually fills that bill, but I'm usually just as happy listening to the 
greater variety on WGBH and WHRB.

However, I was commenting on reception problems lately.  I really wish 
that someone who knows what's happening would explain why I've been having 
so much trouble tuning the station lately.

Friday, I found the WCRB signal unreadable.  So I tried WHRB, and they 
were playing jazz.  WGBH was doing pledge nagging, with brief musical 
interludes.  So I tried the AM band and, to my surprise, discovered that I 
had a good signal on WJIB.  In the past, when I've tried to get WJIB in my 
office, there was some sort of interference, which made the signal hard to 
listen to.  This time, it came in loud and clear, and I enjoyed listening 
to it.

When I did my original post, I rather thought that it would trigger some 
discussion on the topic of WCRB's unreadable signal or WHRB's departure 
from programming classical music every afternoon.  So far, nothing.

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