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Re: re:WCRB signal

Just _can't_ restrain yourself, can you? For the umpteenth time, if you
don't like WCRB, listen to another classical station, and if you can't pick
up another classical station, try CDs. Your postings about your taste in
music seem to have more to do with proving your intellectual superiority
than anything else. Are you so insecure that you can't just enjoy the music
you enjoy without waving your taste in front of the group as if it were some
sort of badge of honor? And, by the way, didn't you mean phenomena?


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>listening, accessible, relatively short, unchallenging
>orchestral music by a handful of composers repeated

>foreign word is thoroughly integrated into English, it
>OFTEN but not always takes an English plural...rhodo-
>dendron, rhododendrons but phenomenon, phenomenons.)