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re:WCRB signal

On 6/24/00 1:53 PM, lglavin@lycosmail.com wrote:

> His description of how he uses radio during the day 
> exactly matches the profile of the audience WCRB
> mis-management is seeking: people who want easy-
> listening, accessible, relatively short, unchallenging
> orchestral music by a handful of composers repeated

Why should WCRB be different than any other commercial station?  The 
repetition and narrow range of songs and artists are the same, to varying 
degrees, on all commercial stations.  That is what makes them 

I've long given up on listening to commercial broadcast radio for the 
music.  Interesting radio, however, remains interesting regardless of 
what music is being played.  Perhaps something new will be offered soon; 
until then, it's college radio and CDs for me.