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Re: Predictions: Today's FCC ownership rulings

>2.  The 35% US coverage cap for local TV groups will be remain in place.

Viacom is at 42% right now. It will likely be forced
to shed some weaker stations in its group.

And AT&T might have to sell off some MediaOne
systems since the 30% cap for cable operators is not
expected to change. AT&T currently serves 39% of
all US cable households.

>3.  Viacom will be able to keep UPN; NBC will be >allowed to retain part-ownership of PAX.

Viacom was expected to hold on to UPN all along.
FCC will make it official any day now. This new
revised rule("Mel Karmazin" rule) on mini-networks
will open door for NBC to take complete control of 


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