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RE: Super Power FM

According to the email response I got back, WRVQ is indeed 200kw. The
strongest FM station in the US is WBCT 93.7 Grand Rapids @ 320kw. WOOD also
in Grand Rapids is licensed to 265 kw but is only using around 255-260kw.


> WOOD is in Grand Rapids MI and, I believe, is one of the two
> Michigan FMs to
> which I referred in my previous posting (though I didn't mention call
> letters because I couldn't remember them). I think this station once ran
> even higher power, but that may have been before the FCC allowed circular
> polarization.
> >I'm pretty sure that the most powerful FM is WOOD somehere in
> South Dakota
> with
> >an ERP of 245,000 watts.
> >WRXL in Richmond is 140,000 watts.
> >
> >Norm