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NH Radio Theater

An ad from the Borders book store in Nashua says that "New Hampshire Radio
Theater" will be performing there on Saturday May 20 at 3 pm.

Here's the description:

<<The New Hampshire Radio Theater is a group of local radio announcers, 
reporters, and engineers who perform old fashioned radio dramas.  The crew 
reads from scripts and performs much of the music and sound effects 
themselves, utilizing sound effect props such as doors and crash boxes to 
help create the mood.  Members are some of the voices you hear on WZID, 
WGIR, WHOB, WFEA, and WKBR, among other radio and TV stations.  Among the 
live shows that NHRT has performed are "Frankenstein 1930", "The Strange 
Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", and their original production,