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NH Radio Theater

This year's Halloween production by the New Hampshire Radio Theater is
"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow."  You'll find more about it at
<www.nhrt.org> but you won't find the broadcast schedule there.
According to the New Hampshire Sunday News, which had a writeup on page
E7 this week (10/15/00), the show will air as follows:

Sat. Oct. 28  7 p.m.  WFEA
Sun. Oct. 29 8 p.m.  WKBR
Tue. Oct. 31 8 p.m.  WKBR
Tue. Oct. 31 midnight  WHOB & WNNH

For that last broadcast the Sunday News actually listed WHEB at 106.3;
no, the author is not known to be a former Globe staffer.